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Alpha GABA PM - 60 capsules

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60 Capsules
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Customer Reviews

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Life changing

Review by Justin (Posted on 1/8/20)

Overall Rating

I’ve been trying to get off of sleep meds for years and Alpha Gaba PM is how I’m going to make it happen! I get a sense of calm, a quiet mind and deep sleepiness about 15 minutes after I take it, and can easily go to sleep. Miraculous!

Excellent nights rest

Review by Selena (Posted on 8/12/19)

Overall Rating

I tried a couple of products when KUPM was discontinued that didn't work for me and luckily stumbled onto Alpha Gaba PM. I prefer it to KUPM because I rest soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. I find that I need to take 2, I have tried one a couple of times but I've found that it doesn't quite do the trick. I also like that this product is less expensive than my previous sleep aid.

Did not work as well for me

Review by Anne (Posted on 7/31/19)

Overall Rating

I purchased the Alpha GABA PM as a replacement for the discontinued KUPM which always worked so well for me. The first week of use I didn't notice it helping at all. I increased the dosage to 2 at bedtime but I still didn't notice it working for me. The increase in dosage helped me to eventually fall asleep but not a deep, restful sleep. I was disappointed because the KUPM worked so well and I was hoping this could replace it but it doesn't work for me in the same way. From reading other reviews it sounds like it does work for some people.

Works really well for me

Review by Mary (Posted on 7/26/19)

Overall Rating

I was quite disappointed when the KUPM was discontinued. I tried one of the other products that was recommended, but it didn't work well for me. Switched to Alpha Gaba PM and immediately got a great night's sleep. I do find that I only need one and honestly wish I could take 1/2. I do have very vivid dreams using this product.

Excellent product

Review by Chase (Posted on 7/23/19)

Overall Rating

I had used KUPM for quite a while until it was discontinued. I had some reservation in using other products but chose to use Alpha GABA PM as an alternative. I have found that it works just as well without any residual effects the next day. I choose to use it at night about 30 minutes before I go to bed. I have found that I stay asleep and do not wake up during the night as I previously did.

Highly recommend

Review by Regina (Posted on 7/11/19)

Overall Rating

I was taking kupm for many years. I had to find an alternative, since they are reformulating it. I was recommended alpha gaba. I started taking it two months ago, and it works very well. I have been taking two a night. I will start taking one, to see if it still works. At first it felt weird, but it only took a couple nights for that weird feeling to go away. I highly recommend it if you are having trouble getting to sleep.

Great Product

Review by Josephine (Posted on 7/3/19)

Overall Rating

I bought this as a replacement and did not have high hopes...well, what a surprise! Alpha GABA PM works wonderfully. I have a very difficult time staying asleep once I wake up (which is usually after an hour or two of sleep). I usually take one capsule a half hour prior to going to bed and I do not have that problem any longer. For me, this works as well as KUPM and the cost cannot be beat.

Great Replacement

Review by Joni (Posted on 7/3/19)

Overall Rating

I was so disappointed when KUPM became unavailable. I had not found anything like that before that helped me sleep without using medication. I am so glad that Accutrition recommended Alpha GABA PM. It has now been about 40 days and I can say I am very happy and well rested. It took 3 days or so to get my body in sync with this, but after that it has worked terrific. I am getting 6+ hours of sleep during the week and longer on weekends. I don't find that I am groggy when waking at all. When I wake during the night I am easily able to fall back to sleep. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Not effective for me

Review by Marsha (Posted on 7/2/19)

Overall Rating

I used this for a week or more and it just didn't work for me.

Good alternative

Review by Jeannine (Posted on 6/19/19)

Overall Rating

Was very unhappy when KUPM was discontinued. Alpha GABA PM works as well if not better for me and is a little less expensive so I'm a happy camper! Glad to have found this product.

1-10 of 25 Item(s)

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