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Kavinace Ultra PM

Discontinued by Manufacturer

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

It has been reformulated in two forms, now available for pre-order:
Kavinace OS and Kavinace OS Emulsion

If you need an immediate replacement, we recommend trying
Power OFF or Alpha GABA PM

Customer Reviews

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Can't live without it

Review by Ellen (Posted on 4/18/19)

Overall Rating

This product has been a lifesaver for me. I have tried every sleep aid and none compare to Kavinace Ultra PM. I usually take about 2 hours before bedtime and drift off to sleep. Highly recommend!

It is helping

Review by Lisa (Posted on 4/9/19)

Overall Rating

I have combined the Kavinace PM with one regular Kavinace taken earlier in the evening. I am seeing even better results. These products have helped me get off prescription sleep aids.

A great product that really works!

Review by Celeste (Posted on 4/2/19)

Overall Rating

My husband uses this product almost every night. He sleeps more soundly and doesn't wake up as often during the night when he does take it. He has been using Kavinace Ultra PM for approximately 4 years now. Thank you for a product that really works!

Great product!

Review by Ann (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

Not only do I love the sleep that this has given me, I have recommended it to almost everyone I know. Don't know how many will follow through with an order, but I have sent the link to at least eight people. I get up less times in the night and when I do get up I go back to sleep quickly.


Review by Joe (Posted on 3/20/19)

Overall Rating

Great product! A very natural way to regulate your sleep pattern. Seems to start working after a couple of hours and gives me solid sleep till morning with no groggy feelings.

Great support for sleep

Review by Tonya (Posted on 3/8/19)

Overall Rating

Regular Kavinace is great to help with stress and calming the 'brain chatter' that sometimes keeps me awake. Kavinace Ultra PM adds a little extra to help induce sleep and keep me asleep through the night. I like that it supports neurotransmitters and is not a sleep medication that gives me 'brain fog' the next day. Works great for me!

Works Great for Me

Review by Kevin (Posted on 3/7/19)

Overall Rating

This supplement works really well for keeping me asleep throughout the night. The one thing I will say is that if I take it too close to bed I don't wake up feeling as refreshed and alert as I do if I take it a little earlier. I have the best results when I take it an hour before bed. Definitely worth the price for me!

A great product

Review by Hank (Posted on 3/4/19)

Overall Rating

I've taken several different sleep aids in my older years and Kavinace Ultra PM is by far the most effective. It not only helps me get to sleep quickly but also gets me back to sleep without a struggle when I'm interrupted in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. I highly recommend it.

Awesome Product! The Best Service!

Review by Kathleen (Posted on 2/26/19)

Overall Rating

Kavinace Ultra PM has saved my family and I during severe stress periods where sleep is hard to come by. Accutrition's service and speed has me returning here every time. Very happy customer!

Highly Recommend

Review by Karen (Posted on 2/20/19)

Overall Rating

Helps me sleep and feel more awake during the day. Would recommend to others.

1-10 of 145 Item(s)

per page

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