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Kavinace Ultra PM

30 Capsules
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Customer Reviews

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Great product for extreme insomnia

Review by Brenda (Posted on 9/3/18)

Overall Rating

My compound pharmacist suggested Kavinace Ultra PM for me. She said when she was going through adrenal exhaustion that she felt it saved her life as she could not sleep. I too, suffer from extreme insomnia due to adrenals, thyroid and food sensitivities. This product is working wonderfully for me. I sometimes still wake up during the night but am now able to go back to sleep.

Best Ever

Review by Nnic (Posted on 8/10/18)

Overall Rating

This is the only supplement that has allowed me to stop anti anxiety prescriptions. I’m grateful to my doc for recommending it.

It works for me!

Review by A Fan (Posted on 8/10/18)

Overall Rating

I am able to get an uninterrupted 8 hrs of sleep with Kavinace. It is worth the money

It is the best sleeping product!

Review by Carlene (Posted on 7/24/18)

Overall Rating

I have been taking Kavinace Ultra PM for a couple of years now. I was on klonopin and weened myself off with this. I worked for a functional medicine doctor and we had patients get off ambien/lunesta/sonata and benzo's taking this. I highly recommend trying it.


Review by Sandy (Posted on 7/16/18)

Overall Rating

I buy this product for my son who has issues sleeping. This is the ONLY thing that we have found that works for him. He has run out of this and he can tell a definite difference. He begs me to buy it for him again. We make sure we always have this for him so he can take it before he goes to bed. It's a life saver for him. He's 21 and been taking it for 3 years now.

Making my 4th Order!

Review by JJ (Posted on 6/26/18)

Overall Rating

My husband was on sleep meds that made him gain too much weight and go up a size in pants and shirts. It was terrible for his overall health. He finally got off of it and lost the weight, but of course the not sleeping came back. A friend recommended Kavinace Ultra PM, and my husband was so very hesitant to try it. When he did, it helped him almost immediately and is now sleeping all through the night. I finally decided to try it too, since I had a pattern of waking up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night just about every night. I sleep like a baby now and don't wake up at all, which I haven't done for about 30 years. We are so excited and thankful to God for this remedy.

It Just Works!

Review by Sleepless No More (Posted on 4/19/18)

Overall Rating

Expensive, but so worth it. Recommended it to friends and they all love it. Showed it to my doctor and he says ingredients are ok. Seldom do I write reviews, but feel I owe it to insomniacs to tell my story. Kavinace Ultra PM really saved me! I was restless at night, walking back and forth pacing the floor. Drove me crazy. Now I sleep like a baby.

1st product that works

Review by Voneta (Posted on 11/27/17)

Overall Rating

I've tried this product for just a short time. But I can say for the most part I can fall asleep faster than anything else I've taken. I'm still waking up in the middle of the night but I'm able to go back to sleep.


Review by Leon (Posted on 9/10/17)

Overall Rating

Great product. Expensive, but the only thing that works for my wife.

It has worked for me most nights

Review by Peter (Posted on 8/6/17)

Overall Rating

I've used Kavinace Ultra PM for about three weeks now, and it has helped me sleep through the night most nights, and even when I get up to go to the bathroom, I'm able to fall back asleep.

1-10 of 43 Item(s)

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