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Great sleep aid

Review by Zaggo (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

My functional doctor believes I don’t produce enough GABA, so he recommended I try Kavinance. It works wonders for my sleep. I no longer lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep and then wake up multiple times a night. I fall asleep like a normal person now, wake up a lot less during the night, and wake up feeling ready for the day!

Thankful for this!

Review by Blank (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

I always stay stocked with Kavinace! I take it before bed but also will take in the middle of the night when my mind is racing. It calms me enough to ease me back into sleep and I feel totally refreshed in the morning.

Kavinace works!

Review by Terri (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

I have been using Kavinace for several years. Unlike some other supplements which lose their effectiveness, this one continues to perform. I especially like that I can adjust the dosage depending on the level of stress in my life. It smooths me out and also helps me sleep more soundly.

Excellent product

Review by Julia (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

I take this regularly to help me stay asleep. Works like a charm, and I've never experienced any side effects.

Clean effective product

Review by Sheldon (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

Very calming and helps me sleep through the night. Have been taking for a few years and haven't increased dosage much.

Helps with my anxiety

Review by Jan (Posted on 1/7/19)

Overall Rating

Helps with my anxiety without a prescription.

Great stuff!

Review by Mike (Posted on 12/17/18)

Overall Rating

Both my wife and I use Kavinace to help with sleep; my wife also uses it occasionally to help relieve stress. We recommend it often because it really works!

Really helps with sleep

Review by Sandy (Posted on 12/11/18)

Overall Rating

I’m not sure I can function without Kavinace. How do I know it’s helping? I try sleeping without it on occasion, and I immediately go back to it.

Helped with sleep and anxiety

Review by Scott (Posted on 12/11/18)

Overall Rating

Kavinace really helped me through a tough time where I was anxious and helped me sleep at night.

Kavinace is life changing!

Review by Tree girl (Posted on 12/11/18)

Overall Rating

I have taken Kavinace for insomnia and occasionally for pms. It has worked better than any supplement I have ever tried. So grateful for this product!

1-10 of 48 Item(s)

per page

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