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Calcium 250 mg with Vitamin D-3 Chewable Tablets - 120

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Calcium 250 mg with Vitamin D-3 Chewable Tablets

120 Chewables
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Kirkman® offers calcium capsules with and without vitamin D at the request of physicians. Our Calcium without Vitamin D capsule is hypoallergenic and does not contain additives. This product is part of our Bio-Max series that uses forms of nutrients that have clinically proven to be among the best absorbed and most highly bio-available. For individuals who receive vitamin D in other supplements or from sun exposure, a calcium supplement without vitamin D may be preferable.

Our calcium capsules utilize calcium bis-glycinate amino acid chelate, which has been demonstrated to have superior absorption qualities.

Kirkman’s customers asked for this product and we responded. Calcium with Vitamin D Chewable Tablets are a convenient and delicious way to receive calcium and vitamin D supplementation.

Our tablets are sweetened with dextrose and contain no flavorings of any kind. Vitamin D is added to enhance calcium absorption. One tablet contains 250 mg of elemental calcium from calcium carbonate. The taste and texture of our chewable calcium tablet appeal to both children and adults. For those who want to try this product, a trial size is available. We suggest that for best absorption, the tablets are taken close to mealtime.

This product, like all Kirkman® calcium products, is manufactured from the highest quality calcium compounds that meet or exceed all governmental standards for purity, including heavy metals.

Calcium 250 mg with Vitamin D-3 Chewable Tablets - Supplement Facts

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