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Ultra Benfotiamine - 60 capsules

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Ultra Benfotiamine

60 Capsules
  • Item #: 201815-60X
  • UPC: 310539039281

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Ultra Benfotiamine contains the fat - soluble thiamine vitamin called benfotiamine, plus activated vitamin B6, alpha lipoic acid , grape seed extract and pine bark extract to support healthy peripheral circulation and the nervous system , normal kidney function, and AGE (advanced glycation end - product) inhibition that is related to healthy blood sugar metabolism.

BenfoPure® is a unique proprietary form of Benfot iamine, a fat - soluble form of Vitamin B - 1 Thiamine. Studies show that BenfoPure® Benfotiamine is significantly more bioavailable than traditional forms of Vitamin B - 1 or thiamine. In Europe, benfotiamine has been utilized for decades in reducing the nega tive impact of sustained high blood sugar levels. Benfotiamine supports the body through blocking biochemical pathways by which high blood sugar damages cells. Excessive sugar intake and high blood sugar are associated with a wide range of health complications

  • Benf otiamine helps s upport normal peripheral circulation.
  • Benfotiamine may reduce discomfort and dysfunction, helping to maintain a healthy nervous system while protecting against oxidative stress in the brain.
  • Benfotiamine supports normal kidney function.
  • Benfotiamin e maintains normal endothelial function by reducing the risk of AGEs, which is associated with optimal cardiovascular health.

Ultra Benfotiamine is indicated for individuals that desire healthy outcomes of blood sugar metabolism such as healthy nerve function, kidney function, and vascular health.

Ultra Benfotiamine - Supplement Facts

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