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PMS Support - 60 capsules

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PMS Support

60 Capsules
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PMS Support is a combination of specific nutrients, including BioResponse DIM®, Chaste Berry extract, magnesium and B vitamins, specially formulated for support of normal premenstrual symptoms in healthy women. BioReponse DIM®, a bioavailable form of diindolylmethane, and Chaste Berry extract support normal prolactin levels, hormone balancin g and healthy reproductive function in women.

Research shows premenstrual symptoms are associated with high estrogen and low progesterone levels in the luteal phase. DIM works in conjunction with chasteberry extract to resolve the dominance of estrogen over progesterone.  Diindolylmethane (DIM) is one molecule known for the supportive role it plays in stimulating natural detoxification enzymes and supporting normal hormone metabolism.  As a natural component derived from indole - 3 - carbinole and cruciferous vegetables, DIM has shown in studies to support the 2 - hydroxylation instead of 16 - hydroxylation of certain estrogen metabolites. This favors the production of 2 - hydroxysterone over the more deleterious 16 - hydroxyestrone, resulting in healt hy estrogen levels.  An increase in 2 - hydroxysterones can help free up testosterone from SHBG without increasing total testosterone levels. BioResponse DIM® is the only diindolymethane with proven absorption and activity demonstrated in independently per formed clinical studies. BioResponse DIM® contains pure DIM, microencapsulated in particles complexed with a vitamin E derivative and phospholipids to aid absorption from our intestinal tract.

Chaste berry extract, or Vitex agnus - castus , is a plant extract with act ive constituents from the fruit of the Chaste tree that play a role in hormone and neurotransmitter activity. Studies show Vitex agnus supported PMS symptoms in some women.  PMS symptoms may be due to high physiologic prolactin levels due to stress or deep sleep phases. Vitex agnus - castus contains dopaminergic compounds that have been shown to suppress the release of prolactin.

Vitamin D3 is a fat - soluble vitamin that plays a role in numerous health functions , as well as aids in intestinal magnesium absorption. There is scientific evidence for vitamin D supporting cyclic fluctuations during the menstrual cycle that may help explain some features of PMS . Magnesium has been noted to fluctuate across the menstr ual cycle and is involved in many cellular pathways and neuromuscular activities which effect PMS. Magnesium may support cramping and bloating.  Several clinical trials showed that B vitamins, especially vitamin B - 6 , support symptoms of PMS, especially m ood and behavioral symptoms .  Folate, supplied as the bioavailable methylfolate in PMS Support , is recommended while taking oral contraceptives due to folate interactions . Iron supplementation is helpful in menstruating women to support the maintenance of healthy iron stores. Ferronyl is a carbonyl form of iron that is bioavailable and well tolerated.

PMS Support is indicated for women who desire healthy hormone levels and support of normal PMS symptoms.

PMS Support - Supplement Facts

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