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Pregnenolone CRT - 60 tablets

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Pregnenolone CRT

60 Tablets
  • Item #: PCRT60
  • UPC: 879452002203

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Pregnenolone has a stimulatory action on brain function and exerts many other effects through the many different hormones it converts into, such as DHEA, progesterone, estrogens, testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone. It may be used to support and optimize brain function, nervous system health, skin vitality, and to rejuvenate adrenal status, mitigate menstrual migraine headaches, and replete deficiencies often found in autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions. Pregnenolone CRT™ features a controlled release technology that provides a very slow (10-12 hour) continuous release of pregnenolone in a very uniform manner, helping to eliminate the spikes, surges, and unwanted side effects found in other immediate release pregnenolone delivery systems.

Pregnenolone CRT - Supplement Facts

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