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Welcome to 2018!

We have a feeling 2018 is going to be a great year. No matter what you want to gain in the new year, we want you to be happy and healthy! The new year has arrived and most likely so has your 2018 resolution. Can you guess what the number one resolution for this year is? Losing Weight. However, losing weight is historically the number one most broken resolution. We want to help you change that!

Here are some tips to sticking with the gym to keep your 2018 resolution:

  • Do it for yourself - Studies show people who try to lose weight because of “external motivators” most often do not stick with their goal. So forget about losing weight to please your mother or to impress your ex on Facebook. Just do it for yourself!
  • Bring a friend - Having a work out buddy can make all the difference. Most people report they stay longer and work out harder when they have someone with them at the gym.
  • Find your balance - It’s important to find the right balance of strenuous exercise for your body. You don’t want to run so slow you don’t even break a sweat, but you also don’t want to do so many squats you can’t walk for the next week. Finding a good balance for your body is going to help you stick with your workouts long term and avoid injury. Important note: You and your work out buddy may have different workouts. Remember to do what is best for YOUR body.
  • Mix it up - Changing up your workout routine is going to help strengthen different muscle groups and keep things interesting. Try creating five different workout routines and cycle through them each week.
  • Track it - Keeping a record of your weekly workouts will not only help you track your progress but also help you stick with your plan. Check out your app store to find a health tracker you like. Or keep it old fashion and just write down your workouts using pen and paper.
  • Reward yourself - This may be the most important tip. Seeing results is going to take time. Remember to reward yourself along the way. Go out for a celebratory smoothie with a friend, or splurge on a new pair of jeans once you’re down 5 pounds. Rewards will remind you all your hard work at the gym is so worth it.

The New Year is upon us and the time has come,
You must set a goal and focus on number one.
The stress of the holidays has officially ended,
It’s time to get back to feeling splendid.
Whether you want to reset your mind,
Or start a daily gym grind.
We have a way to help you through,
So come on; it’s time for your big debut!

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