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PheniTropic by Biotics Research

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Discontinued by Manufacturer

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

If you were using PheniTropic at night, we recommend trying
Power OFF or Alpha GABA PM

If you were using PheniTropic during the day, we recommend trying
Calm CP or TravaCor

Need help choosing a replacement? We have included a comparison chart below to help you make the best decision. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Suggested PheniTropic Replacements

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PheniTropic by Biotics Research promotes a calm mood and is used to ease anxiety, reduce stress, and improve cases of sleep impairment. It also possesses nootropic properties that have shown to increase cognitive functions and benefit memory processes. It is one of the most effective amino acids available to support emotional and neurological health, and is produced by Biotics Research – a corporation dedicated to staying on the forefront of nutritional innovation.

What are the benefits of PheniTropic?

  • Decreased stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Positive mood change
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved sleep patterns

What is the key ingredient in PheniTropic?

The key ingredient is beta-phenyl gamma-aminobutyric acid, or “phenibut.” Phenibut is a derivative of a natural neurotransmitter known as GABA. GABA is a primary inhibitory neurotransmitter similar to serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. GABA is associated with feelings of happiness and exhilaration, and is also linked to lessening anxiety.

How does PheniTropic work?

Neurotransmitters like GABA are essential components in regulating emotions, mood, energy levels, and sleep. However, neurotransmitter balance can be easily disrupted by factors like stress, immunity, diet, and genetics. When GABA levels are low, one may feel anxious, irritable, hyperactive, or have difficulty sleeping. Phenibut acts as a GABA receptor agonist, meaning that it can cause a significant release of GABA in the brain when taken. Phenibut also has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, so the effects of phenibut are noticeable soon after taking this supplement. Clinical studies have found that Biotics Research PheniTropic can regulate GABA levels within an hour of administration.

Is PheniTropic safe for me to use?

Due to the natural derivation of phenibut from GABA, it appears there are no negative side effects from taking PheniTropic as directed. However, each individual can react differently to the supplement. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before taking this supplement. This product should not be taken in conjunction with alcohol, sedatives, MAOIs, sleep aids, or anxiety medications.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 120

  Amount per Serving

Phenibut (4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid HCl) 300 mg

Other ingredients: Capsule shell (gelatin and water)‚ microcrystalline cellulose and medium chain triglycerides

Suggested Use: One (1) capsule one (1) to two (2) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Great product

Review by Linda (Posted on 4/12/19)

Overall Rating

I have multiple genetic variants and neurotransmitter issues. My functional medicine doctor recommended this product to help me sleep. I honestly cannot sleep without this!

Great Product

Review by Jo (Posted on 3/29/19)

Overall Rating

Great for sleep and I also occasionally take it during the day to decrease anxiety. It doesn't seem to make me sleepy during the day, just more calm and focused.

Great Sleep Aid!

Review by Gabriella (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

My herbalist recommended this product after I tried several others that weren't helping at all. Phenitropic has been a huge help to me since I developed problems falling asleep due to extreme stress. I'm so glad that I finally found something that helps!

Consistently works

Review by Wedon'tcoast (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

My husband has been taking PheniTropic for a few years now and it has made a world of difference in his ability to sleep. For many years, he would wake up through the night and his mind would spin and he couldn't fall back asleep. This enables him to sleep better and if he does wake up he is able to stay relaxed and fall back to sleep quickly.

Love It

Review by Faith (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

I've been using PheniTropic for about a year. I have a very demanding job and constantly on the go. When I would try to sleep at night I had a lot of rambling dreams about being at work. I would get up in the morning feeling so drained. Tried this product at the advise of my doctor and I feel so refreshed in the morning.

helps with sleep

Review by nita (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

I have had trouble sleeping and have tried so many things. So far this is what works for me and I don't wake up feeling groggy.

Wonderful for stress

Review by Sky (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

This product keeps me calm and steady. Love it!


Review by Sally (Posted on 3/28/19)

Overall Rating

Love this product! It just eases me to sleep :)

Love it!

Review by Crystal (Posted on 3/26/19)

Overall Rating

Works great for me! Helps my mind slow down so I can sleep at night.

Excellent product

Review by Kmil (Posted on 3/8/19)

Overall Rating

This has helped me sleep better with no side effects. I take one capsule before bed.

Great product for insomnia due to anxiety

Review by Deborah (Posted on 2/12/19)

Overall Rating

This product has been a lifesaver for me the past 4 years. Between anxiety keeping me awake and hot flashes waking me up, it has been a decade or 2 of sleep deprivation. Phenitropic has helped me tremendously with getting better sleep. I've found it's best taken several hours after eating. If you over eat and then use PheniTropic it doesn't always work because of competition for the receptors needed. Great product. Highly recommend!

I sleep great now!

Review by Lynda (Posted on 2/11/19)

Overall Rating

PheniTropic was recommended to me by a naturopath doctor and has really helped me with sleep issues. When I take it about an hour before bedtime, I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep so much better than I did before.

Great for a good night's sleep

Review by Karen (Posted on 2/5/19)

Overall Rating

Really helps with sleep when you deal with anxiety. I don't take it on a regular basis; only when I'm having a lot of anxiety. I have found I have weird dreams if I take it when I'm not anxious.

The BEST natural sleep product!

Review by Nicole (Posted on 2/5/19)

Overall Rating

I love PheniTropic! This is the only product that helps me relax and sleep. I have tried every OTC and natural product with no results. I highly recommend it!

Best sleep aide

Review by Jan (Posted on 2/5/19)

Overall Rating

My husband and I both take this at night to help us sleep and it’s amazing. We wake feeling rested and refreshed with no grogginess.

Excellent for sleep!

Review by DJ (Posted on 2/5/19)

Overall Rating

Helps calm the busy, overactive mind that doesn't want to shut off at night. Helps me fall back asleep when I wake up during the night.

Excellent for falling asleep

Review by Emmee (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

This never fails to help me at night. When I run out I feel the loss.

Love this product!

Review by denise237 (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

This helps calm my brain and I sleep more peacefully. I wake up with less anxiety and happier. I definitely notice a difference. I have no side effects and take it every night before I go to sleep. I would highly recommend this product.

Excellent for insomnia

Review by Christina (Posted on 1/15/19)

Overall Rating

My husband has severe insomnia. Prescription meds alone do not help. We have tried every natural supplement and phenitropic is the only one that has helped. We highly recommend it.

Excellent natural product for sleep

Review by Diane (Posted on 12/19/18)

Overall Rating

I have been using this for several years and have shared it with friends. Helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. I add taurine powder and 1 mg of melatonin and I sleep very well.

No drowsiness, at least for me

Review by Jim (Posted on 12/17/18)

Overall Rating

Great supplement to keep you level throughout the day. Slows my brain down while allowing me to focus. When taken before bedtime, calms my brain down and allows for a more healing sleep time.


Review by Eill (Posted on 12/12/18)

Overall Rating

I can go to sleep within 30 mins of taking it and I sleep well. I wake up bright and cheery! The price is reasonable and delivery was quick.

Good product

Review by Susie (Posted on 12/11/18)

Overall Rating

Seems to work with no side effects. I only need one per night. Maybe once a month I’ll take a second one.

Worth it!

Review by Brittany (Posted on 12/11/18)

Overall Rating

My quality of life improved so much once I began taking this to help me sleep!

I Can Sleep Again

Review by Moni (Posted on 11/14/18)

Overall Rating

Great alternative if you don't want to use OTC medication, not a cure but sure helps during menopause.


Review by RealTime (Posted on 11/9/18)

Overall Rating

Helps me get a great night sleep - and I believe it might even help improve my mood. Although a good sleep will do that too!

Great deep sleep

Review by Tanya (Posted on 10/30/18)

Overall Rating

Able to go right back to sleep at night when I get up for the bathroom. Thank-you phenitropic

It really helps and I recommend it to my friends

Review by Re3designs (Posted on 10/28/18)

Overall Rating

This product was recommended by my chiropractor and I was sceptical when I first used it. I am now a repeat customer and recommend it to my friends.

Good news for non RX Sleeping

Review by Rsharp (Posted on 10/25/18)

Overall Rating

Great product really helps me sleep well. Highly recommend it.

Great Product

Review by Mooney (Posted on 10/23/18)

Overall Rating

I have had trouble sleeping for years and was taking Ambien. My doctor suggested that I try this instead. I did and I will never be without it. I sleep like a baby and there are no side affects. I highly recommend this product.

Great product

Review by Helps me relax (Posted on 10/21/18)

Overall Rating

I have been using Phenitropic for a year or so now regularly and I do feel it is one of the things that I take that really helps with anxiety.

Good product

Review by Eggy (Posted on 10/19/18)

Overall Rating

It does the job It keeps me calm and I sleep well

Love this product!

Review by Iva (Posted on 10/18/18)

Overall Rating

Helped me sleep when I had hyperthyroidism and high cortisol.

Good Sleep

Review by Simone (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

I love this product, I get a good night sleep feeling refreshed. When in menopause good sleep is an issue, not so much anymore.

Good product good results

Review by Boo (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

Ive been using this product for about a year now, on the recommendation of my hormone Dr. Its made a big difference in how well I sleep, and I just take two at night and it really helps to settle my brain down and allow me to shut off and sleep!


Review by Jaime (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

I can't sleep without taking 2 before bed. Thank goodness for this or I wouldn't sleep

Love it!

Review by Susan (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

I seldom have trouble falling asleep, but I often have trouble sleeping deeply through the night. However, when I take 1 PheniTropic at bedtime, I sleep well all night, with no side effects. Great product!

Love love love this

Review by N (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

We love this product. Please always keep it in stock.

Love this

Review by Becca (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

This is the only product on the market that helps me sleep without side effects

A marvelous product

Review by Barbara (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

Phenitropic is a great sleep aid. I try never to run out.

Love it

Review by MK (Posted on 10/17/18)

Overall Rating

I use PheniTropic every night and it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I have been using it for a couple of years and love it. Recommended by my dr.


Review by Wancol (Posted on 10/14/18)

Overall Rating

If you want something natural to help you sleep Phenitropic helps you sleep soundly without the groggy feeling in the morning. My doctor of holistic natural medicine recommended it.

Phenitropic Benefits

Review by Reets (Posted on 10/13/18)

Overall Rating

Phenitropic has been prescribed by my physician to help me combat insomnia. I rely on this product, along with others, to assist my neurotransmiters.

A mild influence for staying asleep

Review by J. (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

I ordered this product to help with sleep. I get to sleep fine but don't stay asleep. This product contributed to some relaxation. It was a mild sort of influence but did help some. I would recommend it for those with light sleep problems.

Phenitropic works for everything!

Review by Joe (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

I use this for sleep but occasionally take it for anxiety. There's no downside in it for me. I've been using it for about two years off and on but mostly on.

Best thing I've tried to make my sleep more restful

Review by Easytimes (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

My nutritional doctor has been trying to help resolve my insomnia problem, and the closest thing I've used to resembling an answer has been Phenitropic. Nothing actually makes every night a 6+ hours of sleep night, but I can say that I don't have so many sub-4 hour nights as I did before taking Phenitropic.

I can blame some of my problems on hurricanes Florence and Michael, which had our generator singing its harshly electrifying song through many nights. Hopefully a little normalcy will help, as well.

A Natural Product to Help Me Sleep

Review by ValfromCali (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

PheniTropic was recommended to me by my nutritionist because I was having trouble sleeping. She told me to take two each night but when I woke up, I still felt groggy so I cut it down to one per night. I probably should have taken them earlier in the evening; however, I was afraid that I would fall asleep too early. Taking one nightly helps me fall asleep and stay asleep naturally. This product also helps me stay "mellow" through-out the day as it is good for anxiety as well.

Great nights sleep!

Review by Adele (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

This is great for those who cannot sleep! Take 2, 1/2 hour before bed and relax!

Helps me sleep!

Review by Phenitropic (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

This almost always helps me get to sleep

Love this stuff

Review by Jeny (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

Was diagnosed with a nerve disease 4 years ago. When my nervous system is heightened, this helps to calm it and helps me sleep!

Great product!!

Review by Tricia (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

I really like this product. It has helped me to get to sleep without harmful chemicals and side effects.

Must have for great sleep

Review by Beth (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

I first learned of PheniTropic from a doctor at a conference in 2015. I have used it ever since for great sleep, improved energy and mood, and an added memory boost. Recently I had a brief period when it was not available and was disappointed to see my sleep quality decline. Unlike other sleep aids, I have not seen it diminish at all in effectiveness over the three years I have been using it and am so glad to see that it is available again.

Not potent enough

Review by O (Posted on 10/12/18)

Overall Rating

Barely had an effect on me

Great sleeping aid

Review by John (Posted on 6/8/17)

Overall Rating

I like Phenitropic because it doesn’t make me feel groggy or lose its effect after taking it for a long time, a problem I’ve encountered with other sleep aids. I feel restful and alert every morning after taking this. My chiropractor told me it can even be taken during the day to help with stress and anxiety. I couldn’t image using anything but Phenitropic… please try this product if you have sleep issues or stress!

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